Getting Stronger

Change. Don’t you just lock up when you hear that word?

You want things to be better, but do you really want to change? Most of us resist change, even when change is for the better. That’s part of our human condition, because positive change follows personal growth. And growing can be hard.

We all get chances to grow. Sometimes we get more than we want. It’s how we respond to those chances that determines our future.

I recently listened to Dr. Sue Morter’s Fear Into Fire CD series. Dr. Morter asserts that our bodies are designed to signal us when some stored experience or belief is in conflict with our intent to grow. That conflict manifests as pain, discomfort or discordant energy vibrations.

I often get low back pain in such cases. Dr. Sue says that stems from a concern over basic safety issues, a belief that change is not safe.

I like her counsel: don’t label the feeling; stay present in the moment; breathe through the experience; and use the discordant vibration to provide energy for growth and progress.

What a great recipe! I’ve applied it, and the results are fantastic! For example, my back pain would previously all but cripple me. Of late, I’ve experienced some discomfort, but no decrease in mobility or ability to exercise.

Another example – the balances in all my financial accounts started going up simultaneously, without any additional income source. Where did that come from?

Whose recipe for positive growth do you like? What good thing have you experienced from applying his or her recipe?

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